Coding For Kids (To Change The World)

I was happy to find out the freshly founded Coding For Kids movement.

As those watching us for longer might recall, we’ve also pursued the simplification to the logical extreme (down to the level where anyone could start making applications from their mobile phones). We got somewhat “burned” in our efforts when we pursued on Google’s AppInventor integration, but Google discontinued providing it (although happily MIT took over).

We were re-establishing the connection with MIT as well as with Intel’s AppUp Creator, but as our goal was especially target youngsters or even kids, sharing the common interest lead me to join our efforts with Coding For Kids.

As I’ve already approached the open source community for the open source way of doing, I hope we can finish this and together introduce the world of creating applications and learning to program to kids of various ages.

I already apologize beforehand, as a side note (as it becomes apparent sooner or later) this blog is not entirely kid-safe content. I have a four year old son myself and there is one particular post I wouldn’t want him to read until he understands that not all the things are so pretty in the adult world of social interaction.

This blog is a live-history demonstrating how “disruptive innovation” has built up and while I now understand that some certain post could have been left unsaid, it was metally needed at the time being. Trying to convince your own peers and facing ill-argumented debate of nonsense and downplay made me publish that one. The post after all “only” referates the atmosphere from the “Matrix Reloaded” kind of a revolution, so all-in-all I thought of it being within socially acceptable boundaries. I do understand that the referred artist Marilyn Manson is also an issue, but the quote was there due to “Matrix Reloaded” atmosphere of revolution.

I could have phrased it differently. I could have referred to Dolphins in the “Hitchhikers Guide To Galaxy”; “Your industry is being automated away, and you didn’t bother to listen” – kind of way, but unfortunately I didn’t.

I did think of editing away the post, but the historical facts of the blog were more important. I hope this doesn’t become too big of a problem; after all this blog is not meant to address the “Coding for Kids”, but moreover simply provide the means to achieve it.

All this being said, let’s change some world!


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