The Ball Developer APIs CTP Finally Out!

Finally I got everything done and polished for the developer core tooling to go out and demonstrated! It was long due, but we realized STAGING support was so much needed, we had to implement that, and then wanted to finalize the NuGet depoloyments as well.

These APIs will now cover the basic web development and introduce also cross-platform mobile/device development security infrastructure. This publication is serving as a baseline for communicating our piloting development teams. I’ll be publishing the finegrained results of the usage once the piloting proceeds with the various teams.

In nutshell the current demos & videos consist of following:

  • Creating development account and group on
  • Demonstrating secure connections to the group with desktop filesystem, Android, Raspberry-Pi and Office Add-in
  • The desktop and Raspberry-Pi demonstrate console tool usage
  • Android and Office Add-in demonstrate equal functionality on developer API
  • Web developer example then tries to explain the filesystem-alike development

As a side note the earlier platforms with names * have been effectively replaced with * This means test, demo, schools and business domains. Now this is added to provide public/community developers a testing area for those who can’t maintain The Ball instance of their on from Azure.

I’ll do my best to follow up with the web development “Getting Started” version, but as it’ll be few days + cleaning up due to other urgent matters, I wanted to push the core versions out asap – even when it meant to use our existing bloated templates as examples. If you’re not already in loop with us, but this raised interest, please contant me directly with email at

So the actual stuff is available as following:

NOTE! Repository .gitignore was beforehand prepared to ignore AaltoGlobalImpact.OIP data directory, so it should stay ignored in the WebStorm and Git commits as well.



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