MonoDevelop Automation Experience Improvement

It was back while ago when I realized MonoDevelop is practically compatible with Visual Studio T4. There were few minor incompatibilities with MonoDevelop 2.6 beta at the time, but retesting now with MonoDevelop 2.8.5 there were no compatibility issues at all.

There is still usability differences, but mostly on local and shared abstractions; using modular abstractions (that are demonstrated also in Demo Videos in section Documentation and Status Tracking) the experience on the automation generation side is equal (no surprise there, as the modular abstractions actually require separate build-chain).

Only difference that still matters is that MonoDevelop’s XML editor is not intellisense-aware on attributes nor annotations in form of tooltips. This is likely easy to counter to use some external XML editor for better experience.

Of course modifying modular abstractions still makes Visual Studio shine because of T4 intellisense, but the schema file change is easy to reflect to MonoDevelop with simple command line tool support.

I’ll probably add MonoDevelop-specific videos to reach Mac and Linux developers on the ground more native to them.



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