Migrate Existing ASP.NET MVC Into Massive Azure Scalable

Let me first apologize for yet another quiet season after the vacations. Again the development during July-September scale was massively busy, piloting the strong smart card / certificate authentication as well as authentication support from market leader school system Wilma.

Now back to business with more recent news – a very recent presentation of Finnish DevDays on October 2nd. While the video from Finnish presentation is on its way, as well as my own preparations on English version, let me already share the deck of something pretty exciting.

Scalable Architectures DevDays 2014 – ENG (English PowerPoint)

Skaalautuvat arkkitehtuurit DevDays 2014 – FIN (Finnish PowerPoint)

ScalabilityEstimationCalculations (Calculation spreadsheet – not documented though)

So what to expect within? Case scenarios for preparing startup-level service to tens of millions active/spiking users. Scenario including straightforward approach to identify the cost components and then provide simple solution to “blobify” the modern EF + WCF dataservice to JSON serving.

The Ball architecture is breathing the model explained herein, so the CTP from May makes much more sense in this context. While I’m still preparing for more detailed web-developer API examples, if you have active project/questions please toss me an email to kalle.launiala@protonit.net.




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