Co-Operation Between Roles

Software designers work closely with architect when the design models are being created and modified. Designers are usually the first to spot the need to modify the model and relatively soon start to understand the logical modeling as well (at which point they start to learn their way to become an architects themselves).

Software developers also work closely with architects. Developers are the ones to spot impractical coding model from the automation-generators. This happens when architect and senior developers fail to estimate properly the implementation challenges in contrast of team’s average developer skills.

ADM-methodology embraces the open dialogue on the design and automation, because the dialogue is always spot-on in the issue. If there is a design issue that raises a conversation its clear for everyone where the issue is and how it can be solved. If there is too difficult a coding structure that requires too much guidance on the manual side it’s also clear that the automation side needs to be revisited.

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