All-In Open Source!

Open (Dynamic) Letter to Open Source Communities

Universal, absolute and open source methodology to automate any aspect of  software development (code, documentation and project status-reporting among other things)

This methodology is:

  • NOT a framework
  • NOT a library
  • NOT (even) a tool
  • Completely free and dramatically simple methodology that anyone can start using in all the forms (using, contributing, sharing)

There’s no trick attached.

  • It is so simple that once understood, one can simply independently use it.
  • It is implicitly by technical design open source; it must be.
  • It is so simple (yet mathematically absolute) nobody can go beyond it enough to justify strict and paid licensing for the methodology.
  • It CANNOT be made closed source. Ever.
  • Its derivatives CANNOT be strict licensed. Ever.

It’s universal.

  • It is based on industry standards (XML) and mainstream elements and tools (T4 – available in MS Visual Studio and its open source alternative MonoDevelop)
  • Learning curve is nonexistent
  • All the required tools are available for general public (way before this methodology was even born) and intuitive to use.
  • It applies to all programming languages and all target platforms
  • It even applies to all the other textual form outputs such as documents and reports

In layman’s terms, it allows automating the industry.

It’s not a magic bullet though (just a silver bullet, not magical one), so it needs to be used by real people, but people in communities can use it to help other people use their SDKs, libraries and contributions and join in and contribute themselves.

We have just initiated the Qt automating and continue publishing the demonstrations; as mentioned above due to “good restrictions” of the methodology, are implicitly all open source.

Please join in, let us convince you that you can start using it as well. Most importantly, once convinced, help us spread the word.

Make the noise to automate the world of software development for the win of the open source and free software (because why would you pay for something, when you can get better software made free).

Join us with the forums and help us understand what kind of videos, visualizations and demonstrations are required to ease the adoption.


Kalle Launiala, CTO of Citrus Solutions Oy

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