Absolute Proof

The word absolute is used in the context with ADM for the reason that it applies. It applies as an engineer term (not a salesman’s).


The corner stone of ADM’s breakthrough is that it allows P Complexity Class problem (that is solvable by deterministic Turing machine in polynomial amount of computation time) automation completely within the smallest software development measurable unit; within a single version-control checkin unit and within constrained area (one folder) for all version control features applying without any compromises.

This combined to the abstraction design model (the XML Schema-based) that can be designed without compromises to contain only the absolute minimal amount of information (yet still being complete).

So any arbitrary output (be it as small fraction as desired) in software development (including also no-code outputs, such as documentation and reports) can be automated without introducing any compromises outside the smallest detectable/measurable unit of change and not requiring any more information than the absolute minimum for the input.

The revolution in the software industry is simply based on the derivative conclusion; when gathering all the candidates for automation together, there is not much left for humans to do. The machine cannot model real world alone, hence information architecture is (about the only thing) requiring continuous human labor in the process.

The already realizable Web 3.0 specification underlines that the information architecture and information flow is only thing that really matters; in form of data/information and processes that alter it (to refine new data/information).

This above would already be a breakthrough discovery is possible to achieve using existing MDA and Model + Code Generation approaches – theoretically. However in practice, any library or tool-dependency introduces unacceptable dependency outside the project’s  single folder immediate version control scope (so that branching can be done without compromises).

ADM in addition it was able to squeeze it to be immediately-doable with current mainstream tools and technologies. Most importantly it is done in such a low-learning curve manner that current mainstream developers can do it (easier than they can do proper advanced object-oriented programming). Thus even immediate business basis exist; the return-of-investment is immediate given current mainstream development tasks and quality requirements.

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