As abstraction-automation only produces comparable source code to what manual user would produce, there is little point in referensing “production use”.

The outcome is simply replacing human work in the software production. It is simply source code that someone has to write no matter what; if not in automation template then by hand in every position that automation generator would be generating the code.

To underline the control; this automation methodology is usable in environments where critical control is required; aviation, medical facilities, nuclear plants and in military. Very few frameworks or even programming languages enter those areas of mission critical systems.

Automates are implicitly open source, so their operation can be verified. Even when not using any third party automation (that is making the automation from scratch), it is more cost-effective than using traditional object-oriented approach with proper design level documentation.

Methodology can also be simply proven to be absolutely effective in both simplifying and increasing productivity. There is no information in properly raised abstraction, that could be left out and still be able to produce the outcome. Also the automation generators can be implemented as far as logically possible.

While we claim that this methodology compares as-is to mainstream use, you don’t have to take just our word for it. Finnish Innovation Fund – Sitra ( ordered a neutral assesment report from a professor from Tampere University of Technology.

Neutral assesment report on ADM-methodology

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