This Is The New Shit

Taking a shot to narrow down the useless research or self-developing efforts on software production; I just wrote a absolute proof of why ADM’s approach is universal.

There still is plenty of room to research; how the automation and humans best interact in the software development processes. Information architecture is still required in its full role, however its interaction in the whole process can be considerably streamlined.

Marilyn Manson’s “This is the New Shit” says it well from the perspective of programmer-coder outside world. People want working software, and I think with all the messy-buggy-shit out there, the overall appreciation for the programmer’s manual labor is not that high. Btw it’s also in “Matrix Reloaded”, so while Marilyn Manson might not be familiar, you might still recognize the song.

Are you **** ready For the new shit?

Stand up and admit, tomorrow’s never coming.

This is the new shit. Stand up and admit.

Do we get it? NO!

Do we want it? YEAH!

While every methodology can be challenged, it sounds a bit oxymoron to challenge the very principal theory that the manually written program is justifying its own existing in business-paid-world (to solve a problem in a cost-effective fashion), don’t you think?

Many of the other professions have been blessed to get rid of the dull machine-doable labor; I think it’s about a time to automate our pain points away.



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