Google’s App Inventor With CQRS

Apparently Google already had App Inventor for Android available answering to our call for simplified “elementary school level” developer experience.

We are currently integrating full-enterprise-grade CQRS back end that we introduced with Android and Windows Phone back-end support for simplified and eased end-developer experience with App Inventor.

After this we’ll continue simplifying the back-end design to three basic questions:

  1. What Do I Have? (these are the aggregate roots in CQRS)
  2. What Do I Want To Do With It? (these are the commands in CQRS)
  3. What Do I Want To Know About It? (these are the queries in CQRS)

Finally combining the two will bring together both simplified enterprise-grade back-end with simplified front-end.

Because we want to demonstrate the possibilities with App Inventor, we reprioritized our tasks mid-week. Hence unfortunately we don’t have our weekly release coming this week.

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