Team And Support

Abstractions as a technology provide excellent interchangebility of resources. In addition of working on with our team we encourage communities to start using abstractions.

We are happy to guide and help creating the reference abstractions on any architectural block, where the community already has the reference implementation and can help us understand the architecture.

For any inquiries about the methodology usage and our team in general please contact us emailing to

2 Responses to Team And Support

  1. Gaurav Arora says:

    Hi Kalle,
    Could you please remind thread –
    For this – I need to create a Code-generator which will create whole layered application by supplying DB, almost I am done with 65% work but I need to generate project/solutions so, I found T4, could you please give me some direction fo rteh same?

    • kalleabs says:


      I’ll email you in private to get more detail on the process. Basically it all boils down to what you get for the input (in a logical way) and what do you want to output from it.


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