Full Stack with Automated DevOps

A lot has happened with The Ball since the last update in the blog. Massive steps include almost finished Xamarin based mobile client that uses the same web-UI as the web-based instance. The steps also include DevOps on TeamCity that covers the whole project, which was mainly done already on December of 2014.

The most recent concept step is related to bringing the platform to execute on Virtual Reality; prototype of Unreal Engine rendering web-UI in-game environment is available as open source repository and in brief example video.

While there are still steps to finish, Xamarin becoming part of Visual Studio (https://store.xamarin.com/) makes it about due to release the planned steps for full-stack DevOps deployment with the Xamarin-based mobile clients included.

So without further delays I’ll share the following – aimed to serve tech startups & small enough teams that can just take ready-plugged DevOps and go:

and the Unreal Engine concept demo video just for the fun of it :-):

I do my best to speed up the updates on this blog as the full stack & Xamarin solution is completed hopefully by the end of the summer.

Sunny spring wishes from Finland,

Kalle & The Ball partners

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