This is a brief list of all ADM-Ecosystem (that is currently transforming into “The Ball – The Information Ecosystem”) related whitepapers.

towards citizens as digital innovators – Enabling citizens to become digital world innovators through complete control of their digital information – joined with citizen-self-deployable custom software solutions from the ecosystem library.

Strong semantic information that can be big-data analyzed completely, as the agreement can be made with the real owner of the information. Will it turn into a risk or an opportunity to search and social media leaders like Google and Facebook, that still will have the branding advantage even if the data-access is liberated from their current proprietary silos.

Semantic Information Layer Illustration

The Ball Visualizations DRAFT – “The Ball” semantic layers visualized. The layers bound with the user-controlled content, that is based on universal structures for information modeling. Logical operations performed against the information model are also semantic. The overview of the structure is explained in the Ecosystem Overview.

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