Automating iPhone Development in Microsoft Visual Studio

Best presents come in tiny packages.

I was about to write (and still am going to) how software industry can be automated in Microsoft Visual Studio. I started to “Google” how Microsoft is agnostic and open for any interoperability (which Microsoft, by the way, honestly is).

Then I bumped into this: Create Native iPhone Apps with Visual Studio

So… we have had this dramatically simple, completely open, modular and totally target platform and target language agnostic methodology to automate and simplify software development. I’ve tried to pursue iOS development initially on spring and then again later on summer, but our resources couldn’t make it yet.

Now suddenly we’re already in the finishing line.

I’ll play around the toolchain for few days and publish something concrete to get iPhone/iOS development started.

For those too eager to wait, the field is already open. We have published quite a lot of examples of how you can automate everything (in this very blog and these pages). This wonderful fellow called Pierre-Marie Baty has made all the dirty work for enabling native iOS development in Visual Studio:



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  1. serrot eric says: allow to publish data to any iOS devices and build some interactions directly from Visual Studio

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