Breaking the Silence – Twice :-)!

I apologize for way, way overdue of status updating the Ball progress in the blog. I’ll remedy that with two major posts – one today and one in next week.

First post will be (un)fortunately in Finnish – as it is directed to our local (Finnish) ecosystem piloting programs. It will consist mostly on Finnish material – but mostly just re-packaging the open/community driven ecosystem model.

Second post will follow up the first – to finish the technology API/SDK level of the Ball. It will demonstrate current API level, introduce the tooling and our generous partners who enable the productivity tooling for the platform. The second post will do its best to introduce and describe hands-on level of getting started with full blown client-to-cloud access, web template management and data management between developers and running platform.

This being said, I’ll prep the first post on its way hopefully by today 🙂

With warm and sunny spring feelings from Helsinki, Finland,


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