Platforms Supported

The technology is target-platform agnostic by all means. We have focused cross-platform generation separately.

This blogarea serves for the purpose of our current work focusing on widening the platform specific support for our abstractions and demonstrating the true platform-agnostic architecture that is achieved with abstractions.

Mobile Platforms

  • Android : Full Mobile Application Generated as CQRS Client
  • Windows Phone : CQRS Client through OData, concept demo of absolute trivialization
  • iPhone : Pre-implementation design/evaluation
  • Meego : Pre-implementation design/evaluation
  • Symbian : None

Server Back-end

  • Microsoft : OData + Web Services with pure SQL Server logic back-end (concept)
  • Microsoft : WCF Dataservice / OData + Entity Framework with CQRS
  • Linux / Other : None

Other Clients or Platforms

  • Office Shared COM-Add-in : Beta

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