Web 3.0

Modular automation allows building a whole new form of an ecosystem. In stead of focusing on single applications and single services (occasionally integrating them with tremendous effort) commonly shared automation modules can seamlessly form a network  of applications and services out-of-the-box.

This network can be constructed with minimalistic approach focusing on the three major concepts that are present in any service and application already:

  • User (person or legal entity)
  • Data and Digital Content (access controlled, authorized and secured properly)
  • Operations on the Data (access controlled, authorized and secured properly)

Adding in the logically pure and modular raise of abstraction, the solution can be logically proven to be minimal, yet complete.

To put it in another way; what ever the Web 3.0 is going to be, this proposal is able to realize it.

Network of Intelligent Services Specification (PDF) (PowerPoint)

No centralized party in charge; anyone can start publishing the automation modules as we have described in the blog.

Legacy services and applications can be supported as-is with simply adding the new modules to join them into the network.

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