Android on Microsoft Ecosystem Demo Released!

This week’s release shows off the Microsoft ecosystem’s flexibility to support other platforms equally efficient (or actually currently Android has the edge, as we haven’t yet implemented alike mobile client trivialization for Windows Phone).

Android client is autogenerated based on CQRS design level information. As with abstractions, all the templates and generators are available as source code right there within the project.

See CQRS Case Study for specific info and updates.

Added the demonstrational video for those who are still seeking motivation to move on Visual Studio and Microsoft stack. It’s well based to start writing applications on Windows Phone as well, when other mobile platforms get alike (or better – depending on the abstraction provider) productivity boost with abstractions through Visual Studio generators.

Next we are adding trivialization layer on top of CQRS abstraction (to achieve better experience than the first “Mobile Trivialization” video); this will be relatively straightforward to do.

This will allow us to pursue on pushing Android and Windows Phone development to elementary school level for teenagers to start making their own applications.

Teenagers that are about to get their first smartphone device are a good candidate for causing snowball effect. Once they start to write applications on certain platform, that raises interest on the parents, relatives and of course other teenagers to pick a platform that is most popular.

Cheap Android devices are already seeking their way to consumers’ pockets. I really hope cheap Windows Phone devices are on their way for an alternative.

Sunny summer weathers from Finland!

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