CQRS Demo Videos Including Android Dual-IDE Usage

In this week’s release there are no code changes. We have made significant progress on autogenerating UI for Android and on Windows Phone based on CQRS, but that release didn’t make for this weeks publication.

However CQRS specific videos are now available. The now added videos describe the Abstraction Overview (including multi-IDE usage for different platforms) and in particular focus on CQRS architecture demonstration with abstractions.

See CQRS Case Study for specific info and updates.

I would like to underline that there is nothing proprietary or closed in our demonstrations. Feel free to use and modify them as required. That’s the way abstractions are supposed to be used.

I’ll be adding the CQRS documentation generator with example video on that later on. For the time being, the existing video for PowerPoint Add-In abstraction modification applies as-is for CQRS modifications as well.

Warm Summer Wishes!

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