Web site on The Ball on Azure: 99% Cost Consolidation

Yes, the number is correct.

No, it’s not 99% more bang for the buck, it’s 99% less of the buck for (actually even better) bang. If you want to have the same number in traditional consolidation ratio let me include the exact decimals as well: it was 99,21%. The consolidation ratio is 125 to 1.

The Ball Consolidation Summary

The Ball Consolidation Summary

The numbers are even more radical if the focus changes to consolidating CPU only, now they also include the network cost, that’s making majority of the Ball cost. This is kind of an obvious outcome, as the Ball architecture is so simple and it underlines the primitive level control. Now that same control can be used to detailed cost-payment directions to every single group within same instance.

There is no magic – the Ball platform is able to consolidate the resource usage between all the groups that operate within the same infrastructure. Thus the groups are able to take advantage of all the web/worker role capacity altogether.

This is ultimately good news for small groups or even individual developers (much like myself), who can also take advantage of the opportunity and slice the costs and unify the maintenance for all of their solution base. At least for what comes to cloud-back-end…

I made the video for the presentation and scenario that was captured from our test site. It’s available in The Ball Solutions playlist. I’ll put the standard UI on all the groups likely during the coming week. The presentation slides including the reports are available below.

Radical Consolidation on The Ball (PowerPoint) (PDF)



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