Windows Phone on The Ball on Azure

This has been busy week so far đŸ™‚

I have considered adding support for Windows Phone straightforward, as all the web socket negotiation stacks worked even for Mono. Thus I kind of didn’t bother to do it, but kept claiming that it’s straightforward… until this morning.

For the preparations of my next week seminar presentation I wanted to demonstrate real-time private location against open-data. Anything else than demonstration with real mobile device would have been lame, so I gave the Windows Phone support a go… started around 9:00, ended with functional version around 12:00. Then wrapped and polished the whole package to GitHub and proceeded to make demonstrational video of the thing.

So here you go – runs as-is against

The video is also available in Demo Videos under The Ball – Solutions.

… now the next thing to add is the information processing from inputs/outputs/device connections… to make that location appear automatically and in real-time.



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