The Ball Group Input-Output-Device Demo Available

Getting up and then realizing that I need my “private” as well span off motivation to demonstrate the Ball network communications.

I just added two new videos to The Ball – Solutions playlist at Demo Videos.

  • The Ball Input-Output Explained

This has the explanation of design choises and user/group level control of what’s inputed and outputed.

Input Output Device Sketch

Input Output Device Sketch

The sketch is getting drawn with explanation on this video.

  • The Ball Input-Output Demo

The actual demonstration, starting with demo case explanation and going through steps in demo. The steps in the demo are:

Demonstration Details – Case “Common categories” & “Common Content”
– Introduce device client details
– Perform Negotiation
=> validates client, requires validation on device connecting side
– Introduce input, validate
– Introduce output, validate
– Download from input => verify from storage
– Upload to output => verify from storage
– Make category to demo., make textcontent to test.
– Rerun download/upload => verify from storages

These demos can be run as-is with the available demo/test sites, however they need to be hooked up with processing to be visible elsewhere than in the storage containers, where there is no group-level user interface available right now.

I aim to add soon Android/real device connection that will update real-time private location to my private account area. That’s going to start real internet-of-things demonstrations finally :-)!



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