The Ball Demo Site (Finally) Up And Running!

Today I finally finished up the recording of initial videos for the demo/test site of the actual running platform. The site is used for feature tests and technology previews, so while I do call it “demo” site, it’s not production-grade demo site. It’s used for customer and partner dialogue rather than passive videos or static documentation.

All technology features are first rolled through demo site and see if they cause any issues there. So be prepared for bumpy ride :-).

There are some recently discovered issues with OpenID login occasionally giving errors. There are certain version(s) of Firefox that get the error more regularly, but it appears occasionally also on other browsers.

If you are interested on pilot/demo with stable content, please email me directly ( and I set you up on our other production focused Caloom instances. Also if you’re a software/cloud architect with technology skills, I’m happy to hook you up with enough info to clone your own instance of the whole platform on Azure. The process has been greatly simplified during recent months, and I’ll document it properly in near future.

That being said, I’ve just added new section to Demo Videos that helps you get started with :-)!



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