The Ball Showcases Incoming – Meet Us in Seminars!

As with last year, this year after vacation time started quite hectic. While lot of things were developing in parallel it was easier to wait for concrete things to happen before publishing any updates.

We are quite far solving collaboration challenges with real customers. As the progress has been quite rapid, including design decisions and refactoring of user-experience, it also meant that pushing neutral demo-site and demo-environments up were postponed. Now we’re finally reaching concrete 🙂


I’m happy to announce few seminars where the Ball approach is going to be presented.

The perspective of presentation is to combine open data with private data in developer productivity accelerator manner.

This presentation will present content management customer cases and digital application development frame on the Ball running on Windows Azure.

Academic Publication & Deployable Demo Incoming!

Right after the vacations, the first week of August I had really enjoyable and hectic week. I worked with Michael Gurschler, an Italian university student who wrote his master thesis all around the Ball and Information Ecosystem it enables. This study includes fair evaluation of what the platform feels to develop against. It’s not all rainbows and sunshine for mainstream developer, but it also will underline the bigger scope of distributed the Ball architecture model.

Moreover when working with Michael, the clonability of the Ball was proven, but also greatly improved since the early days of August.

In the coming week I will post about the Michael’s thesis and introduce already up and running the Ball demo instance/site with known issues and developer clonability guidance.

That’s all for now! I’m looking forward to post concrete cases around the summer’s posts for Smart City Ecosystem models and Open Data Infrastructure, as they emerge.

Chilly Autumn from Helsinki, Finland

Kalle & the rest of the Ball team

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