Open Data Ecosystem – Infrastructure Perspective

Our current and very recent progress is connecting “Smart City Ecosystem” (introduced quite recently in the blog) to accelerating trend of enabling open data app development – bent to city driven perspective.

We’ve crafted first version to describe “Information Ecosystem Structure” to identify the roles and recognize current infrastructure/enablers as well as identify potential accelerating actions to take.

Information Ecosystem Structures (PDF)

Interesting enough, when considering massive amounts of open data, and enabling its refining and republishing by independent app developers and ISVs – there is clearly identifiable first mover advantage / piloting opportunity to aim for critical mass.

Cloud infrastructure costs are based on CPU time, storage amounts and network (outbound) traffic. When CPU can be consolidated and shared between parties, storage is actually quite cheap (with redundancy and scalability considered), the network outbound cost becomes interesting factor. Considering massive amounts of data transfers for data refining and indexing – while inbound traffic is free for “using party”, the outbound cost is intolerable for “serving party”.

I’m interested to see how this develops; will someone step in to subsidize the raw data processing in favor of getting future income of ISVs and app developers to pay for their resource usage – and to aim for critical mass or to become “the global pilot” of this massive scale approach. Our current executing platform runs on (and thus short-term favors) Windows Azure. However it’s very easily portable to other cloud storage providers.

Exciting times ahead – something to think during the vacation time :-),

Kalle + rest of “The Ball” / “Caloom” teams

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