Introducing Smart City Ecosystem

Even though there hasn’t been activity in the blog for more than two monts, the team has been extremely active. Just that when working extensively on the background enabling, there’s not all that much to post. Not at least before we could make the effort to translate some major part of material to English and video just first part of it 🙂

Let me introduce to you new concrete and achievable concept: “Smart City Ecosystem”

We were busy running a workshop in end of may in Finnish City Mikkeli together with bunch of companies and Mikkeli-region development-catalyting parties. The material of that workshop is now translated. Just prior to that workshop, “The Ball” – team also got awarded an innovation prize in an open competition ran by another Finnish City, Pori. Finnish news article about the results is here:
Finnish Newspaper “Satakunnan Kansa” Article” about the competition results.

The notable part about the award was, that the judged recognized the citizen also being among the service providers of the city as a whole. Pori showed leadership in openness in Finland by opening the whole ICT Services of the city for open idea competition. What’s the result for their benefit? They got solid results of completely open and well thought ideas to be combined and further developed. Mikkeli-Network built on “The Ball” / “Open Innovation Platform” / “Caloom Platform” – is also completely open. The “Smart City Ecosystem” is just that; open accelerator that everybody and everything is allowed to join and provide the services. To be used, the services need to provide additional value – that’s the business reality that nothing can change. On the flipside, for the completely open platform, nobody is charging anything to bring the service available – with what ever business model the provider then comes up with.

Now to the material (a draft version, that is complete enough to be shared). It’s split to three main sections:

1. Logical vs. Technical on software solution design.

The complete customer solution will favor network of companies. Properly split software architecture can be combined really effective manner. When treated on logical level, the blocks can be reused – and technical implementation can comply with productivity improvements, thanks to ADM abstraction-automation.

2. Scenario: City’s & Citizen’s Perspective

This part of the presentation is exact copy of Pori’s competition material (just the name Pori is changed to generic City). Therefore it does not mention the fact, that “The Ball” is already running on Windows Azure, is released for general developer availability and is establishing it’s basis with Aalto Global Impact’s “Open Innovation Platform” and “Caloom Platform” already.

3. Migration to “The Ball”

This third part focuses on explaining, how integrations between systems are radically simplified when the ownership of information is recognized. The examples show different steps on manual integration vs. ADM-accelerated integration. Then the scope is raised to take advantage of ADM-modularity to form libraries and catalogues of services. Finally the “The Ball” architecture and Estonian’s already established and running X-Road distributed architecture are brought together in co-operative manner to provide individual perspective view.

The material is available as a PDF; The Ball – Architecture and Perspective Change – DRAFT, but I strongly suggest checking out the video presentation on the Pori’s entry, that is now labeled “Smart City Ecosystem – Introduction”. The video playlist is available at our Demo Videos section.

SmartCure Team – Example of Enabled Innovation From Healthcare

Algerian based SmartCure Team are developing a solution around private health data being usable in immediate emergency situation. They competed in an innovation contest with this video (found also on our Smart City Ecosystem playlist):

To contact the SmartCure Team, you can reach directly to Malik Bennabi at (more detailed contact information updated here soon).

SmartCure Team’s innovation is really wide reaching innovation. This kind of innovations are immediately enabled with perspective change towards the owner of the information. Brought to city’s scope it is focusing on any city decision makers – the healthcare and other services are within their responsibility. While healthcare sector alone (even from private sector alone), bringing all the sectors and all the verticals together is the true game changer.

Looking for Piloting Cities and Organizations

My team has approached various cities in Finland (and few abroad) with the idea of putting the perspective change in practice. The piloting can start from simple integration project that recognizes the owner in the process. Expanding from there is straightforward.

Another approach is to focus on enabling other providers to start offering ICT services within a city or an organization that is driving a vertical ecosystem.

Regardless of interest, we’re happy to hear from any angle on this. Co-operation on this subject is the key, so we’re also interested to hear other providers and innovatiors who want to join up the open network around this 🙂

With warm summer and sunshine from Helsinki, Finland,

Kalle Launiala on behalf of “The Ball” and “Caloom” teams

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