The Ball – Session with Aalto Global Impact

Thanks to everyone who attended in our joint seminar with Aalto Global Impact about the business opportunities of The Ball and the Aalto’s new Open Innovation/Collaboration Platform!

The session slides about the introductions and the main content are available as following:

Aalto Global Impact Introduction

Caloom in The Ball

Aalto OIP – The Ball Business Opportunities

The video recorded afterwards from the OIP/The Ball content (split to three different videos) can be found in the Demo Videos section of the blog.

You can best find and track us nowadays in LinkedIn Open Groups:

  • “The Ball – The Information Ecosystem” for the generic “The Ball” matters.
  • “Inclusive Business” for Aalto’s Open Innovation/Collaboration Platform opportunities and matters.

Back from vacation and (hyper)active again 🙂


P.S. The reason for not making the promised summary around midsummer was, that we were so busy starting the OIP development with Aalto in the early July. There wasn’t much to post about that yet, but little point to post about anything else either.

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