IT’s All About Semantic Information

Wrapping up various things in parallel made me postpone the blogpost and videos of universal semantic information explanation needlessly long. While I’m getting close of finishing the last ADM piece; the user-interface automation, I had delayed semantic information examples and Team Foundation Server integration for way too long.

Without further ado, I just uploaded series of videos for first part of the two part series. The first part introduces the semantics as universal model of dealing with IT projects; and opens the door for realizing that there is nothing beyond pure information.

The second part is almost done as well, but requires bit more polishing; the TFS integration will wrap up the role-specific semantic. For the second part the actual real demo for TFS integration (for those already familiar with ADM) is already available (see below). TFS integration works basically as-is for on-premises server, but its especially handy to try out against Microsoft’s Cloud Served Azure TFS.

The videos are located in the beginning of demo videos.

The semantic demo solution (although small and silly at best) is available at github.

The TFS integration demo (which is lacking the demo videos for now) can be found at github; requires the following standard ADM init + update:

  1. git clone git://
  2. cd TFSProcessIntegrationDemo
  3. gitupdateproject.cmd



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