Open-Source Community Driven Industrywide Automation

This methodology was discovered on August 2010. Shortly after its potential became clear.

It’s universal, target platform and target language agnostic.

You can do it partially side-by-side with legacy and always fall back to traditional coding. No risk in taking it into action, no risk of abandoning it where it didn’t fit.

It took a year to solve few issues and gather experience on broad enough a field to cover every aspect of software development.

Now it’s ready for the prime time. It uses “git” for distributed common repositories that have no centralized control of the community. It uses standard XML and current multiplatform available T4 code generators (yes, we need to agree on common generator technology, otherwise we develop a stupid unnecessary language barrier again).

I’m soon to publish a video for the Qt automation and relatively soon polished publication for the full source (probably I’ll end up publishing “dirty” hackup of the source much sooner than the final polishing is done).

I’ll keep and maintain/update the brief summary for inviting all open source communities to join up. Please spread the word and make the noise, once we manage to convince you.



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