Specifications, Requirements And Status Tracking

We just added complete (yet simple) demonstration (with full download and videos). While this demonstration is already using the universal logical operations in full-modular fashion, we’ll going to include proper demonstrational videos for those aspects as well.

In this demonstration we’ll show how logical operation design level becomes close enough to traditional use cases, so that it can be considered as completely replacing alternative for¬†traditional specifications.

Operation Specification Document Sample

The demonstrations also include example for enforcing performance requirements in the implementation; a perk that just isn’t there when using traditional specifications.

For the cherry at the top, we’ve included also the project status tracking based on design level facts. When design level items are atomic, they can be used as-is for status tracking with simple (adjustable) factors for item-type complexity. As the personalization is practically removed, this can be easily turned to decision making reports (we’ll demonstrate this later on).

Status Tracking Document Sample

So for those keeping track, this is concrete heads up of what’s coming.

The videos are uploaded on the same playlist as before.

To obtain the source through git use the following commands (from command line in desired directory to download the source to):

  1. git clone git://github.com/abstractiondev/Demo.git
  2. cd demo
  3. gitupdateproject.cmd

The last command updates all the modular abstractions to the latest ones, not just the ones that were checked in to the root-demo project. Properly designed and distributed abstractions support this implicitly; this means that existing applications upgrade in-place to include all the features that the abstractions have been upgraded to contain.

I will be including this source code at CodePlex downloads as well, but increasingly moving the distribution towards git, now that the modularity is in the game.



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