Social Media 2.0 – Sharing Self Made Applications And Data

I recently found out about Diaspora and Google+. These two build solid base on my last year’s claim that Social Media users start to make and share custom self-made applications with application specific data.

Abstractions provide the methodology for absolute trivialization; the Diaspora and Google+ are focused around controlling user access for separate groups with Views (Diaspora) and Circles (Google+).

This is exactly what I have focused on “ordinary people making their own applications” in the various posts. We are going to push this forward for primary/elementary school pupils by finding piloting schools. The only requirement is to have interested teachers to participate. Now as the active social media platforms offer the back-end for the same group of users, the infrastructure to share the applications and their data through social communities is already there.

We continue evaluating the social media platforms; properly abstracted we likely end up deploying on both Diaspora and Google+ (and the rest as soon as the deeply built-in group level structure gets on the other major platforms).

It seems that the work continues to be even more interesting after my vacation than it was before it 🙂


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4 Responses to Social Media 2.0 – Sharing Self Made Applications And Data

  1. Jeroen says:

    Why don’t you join us and help to grow our map based truly social system to accomplish what you have in mind. I share similar thoughts but lack your skillset and complete vision.

    got your name through mutual friend who used to work at Nokia – JR

    • kalleabs says:


      Could you email me directly. Basically the approach we are presenting here is truly open-community implementable; not in any way dependent on us. I’m happy to explain this in detail.


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