CQRS with Windows Phone Client and WCF DataServices

Still keeping up with weekly releases. The typical 100% code-reusability with abstractions helps a lot keeping up with the pace.

Using simple code blocks in controlled abstraction generation makes pure technical things ridiculously simple. The amount of code added is astonishingly small in templates; majority of the time goes into concept-testing and designing the proper architecture model to generate the end result into.

This update is technical prototype of properly architectured WCF DataService layer and Windows Phone client calling the layer. The event sourcing and read model is hidden behind the parametrized commands and queries.

The queries take advantage of Entity Framework + WCF DataService publishing; parametrization is applied on top of the IQueryable<T> return value as an additional more controlled server-side logic.

See CQRS Case Study for specific info and updates.

Next we will likely add the documentation generators as well as the CQRS specific demonstrational videos alongside better example of using queries in Windows Phone.


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