New Videos Published

Started publishing example videos about PresentationTracker PowerPoint Add-In and the abstraction technology demonstrated with the add-in.

The currently added videos include the setup as well as the architectural overview of the PowerPoint Add-In abstraction. The abstraction usage is also demonstrated, however the modification and creation of abstraction (from scratch) are currently missing.

There is also a video for demonstrating design level documentation generation, based solely on the information available in the abstraction.

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2 Responses to New Videos Published

  1. Are you aware of and there new cloud compiler? For apps to be made easy you can’t require specific machine software. Software installation is not trivial for consumers. Can you make this a web application that people can make phone apps with from their browser?

    • kalleabs says:

      I agree with you totally. Now after providing Android support we are going for smoothening the end-user developing experience.

      Basically I’m aiming to put the “development environment application” to the mobile phone itself.

      Trying to reach Google’s Dalvik staff to ask if we could compile the Java code for Dalvik within Android device itself. Otherwise we could do the background abstraction generation and compiling, but still allow user entirely create and modify the applications from the mobile device itself.

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