Starting to Publish Examples and Videos

It has been a long overdue, mostly because while our team has been well aware of the potential, the initial abstractions took a while to create while pushing the abstractions onwards in our inner and customer-specific development as well.

The first demonstrational video shows multi-level abstraction power in a way ot trivializing full-enterprise-architecture application (with ASP.NET MVC3 and Razor Web UI as well as Windows Phone UI).

This is achieved with as little as 35 lines functional transformation code; the trivialization abstraction targets full-development abstraction stack with only that miniscule amount of transformation logic.

During the refreshing Finnish Microsoft Architect’s group “workgroup” trip I also managed to create Office Shared add-in abstraction – that currently trivializes the work required to develop PowerPoint add-in. I will be publishing that to the CodePlex relatively soon accompanied with demonstrational videos of creating, modifying and using abstractions.

Sunny spring feelings,


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