Software Development Revolutionary Game Changer

Size of the Case

According to Wikipedia, the size of worldwide software development industry is over 300 billion USD. Abstractions will revolutionize the entire industry and (finally) turn the software industry comparable to construction industry.

Claims for business cases (to list few examples)

  • Taking the lead over the entire software development ecosystem. Every line of code written on any platform (while also reducing the written code to a bare mathematical minimum).
    • For those companies, whose business depends on their developer support (and especially developer support over their rivals)
    • The abstractions will make it similar regardless of a platform (or to say, target multiple platforms at once)
      • No matter how much more productive the current .NET 4.0 is over Objective-C for example, abstractions put them line-in-line
    • Only real “physical platform” core SDK differences matter, when they cannot be expressed in any amount of code on the software platform side.
  • Simplifying the enterprise-architecture application development to a level where standard “Facebook” user can start making his or her own smartphone applications.
    • Trivializing every aspect, from the design to development to deployment
      • Using Multi-level Abstraction to simplify the complexity away
    • Visualization of the process. 
    • Single button deployment to “Mobile Marketplace”, including automatic (yet perfectly safe) code signing
    • Facebook and Community business evolves to sharing actual self-made applications and the data within with friends, content permissions applied
    • Key differentiator from Facebook for those companies that seek to lure the community
  • Boosting the effectiveness of everyone up to high-profile enterprise architects
    • The ROI when creating a new abstraction from scratch is almost immediate
    • The existing abstraction library code-reusability level is practically 100%

Technology Proof

The key is compilation project level source-code controlled DSL technology, that allows maintaining many mathematically absolutely optimal DSLs in parallel within the compilation project scope. These DSLs are called “Abstractions”.

This means that these already absolutely optimal DSLs can also target other DSLs (which will cause major difficulties to keep in sync with heavier-binary-package DSLs). The source code freedom allows free combining the Abstractions in parallel and in multiple levels.

And the output code produced can be of any platform, C#, SQL, Java, C++, Objective-C. And not just code, but also entire solution and deployment configuration structures.

Easily confirmable by any (competent) enterprise level software architect. See the blog post below for key differentiators.

For any technology or case related questions please use the discussions board

Choosing Our Position

We are evaluating our position in the game that we just published (we’ve got the potential figured already few months ago – and we just published the bare minimum to make the point). Suffice to say, our team has the current edge. However the case is simple enough that we have to choose carefully so that we can stay on top of our own game.

This is not about traditional business buyout that the largest pile of cash can buy. This is all about providing our core team most promising option to stay on top of our own game. Everything else is trivial to negotiate.

Our current options are grouped as following.

Tier 1

Tier 1 companies have a specific platform interest. Substantial amount of their business relies on their platform and the software developed on top of it. Such companies are Microsoft, Nokia and Google.

Platform focus poses additional challenge to maintain the lead when everyone else in the industry would rather develop software on all the platforms at once.

Tier 1 companies have certain advantages over the cross-platform. Not to forget, that this breakthrough was only possible thanks to Microsoft’s extremely efficient developer environment.

Tier 2

Tier 2 consists of large independent players that focus on multiple or all of the available platforms. Tier 2 partnership would either be tight co-operation with existing single player or with network consisting also Tier 2 companies.

Community Network

In case neither of the options above work for us, we likely end up building “Community Network” of other companies and individuals for joint effort to Common Reference Abstractions.

Exclusive Order of Tier 1 First

In case we ever want to team up with Tier 1 company, we cannot start with other tiers first. The platform differentiation will be extremely difficult challenge (if even possible in the longer run). If we go with our full skill to join Tier 2 or below to support multiplatform development, there is a decent chance that there won’t be any Tier 1 specific development left to team up with.

The Game Is On!

Although we are still choosing our position in the new game, the technology and toolset is already ready to use with all of its core benefits.

So I encourage all the (enterprise) software architects on .NET to go explore it. As long as you’ve got XML schema editor, Visual Studio 2010 (2008 should do as well) and the rest of the required tools ( installed, you can grab the example solution (although its not our latest generation for some obvious reasons ) to figure the concept out and start abstracting your software out.

That being said, Merry Christmas for all (enterprise) software architects and Happy New Year 2011 for the rest of the software development industry!


Call for Action for Tier 1 and Tier 2 Executives

We will first evaluate the partnering possibilities with Tier 1 companies followed immediately with Tier 2. In case we do not find suitable partner from Tier 1 group we don’t hesitate to proceed with Tier 2 to maximize our chances to be within the leading “Reference Abstraction Provider” and Toolchain team from the beginning (as while we are choosing, the rest of the industry has no reason to wait).

To ensure that we’re dealing with the proper level of representatives, as we have no clue of the internal organizational titles, we will only discuss further with people who are clearly verifiable as their executives from the company’s public website or alike.

As we have had difficulties to reach to the executive level, I kindly request that the interested parties that read this will take the action to contact me.

At this stage I kindly ask only companies that identify themselves as large enough ones to be Tier 1 or Tier 2 to contact me about this via email at I also strongly suggest not to hesitate, as we have little reason to wait unnecessary long if we get good enough option presented to us.


Chilly Winter Breeze from Finland,

Kalle Launiala, CTO of Citrus Solutions Oy

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