Abstraction Oriented Architecture

While it might sound that we are just name-hopping here, it is not just that. The Operation Oriented Architecture is derivative works that uses Abstraction Oriented Architecture as a base.

To give some sort of loose analogy, I’ll compare the different layers of our model to mathematics.

Architectural Level Mathematics
Abstraction Oriented Architecture + and –
Reference architecture:
– Authorized ORM Model with OData
– Operation Oriented Architecture
– Context Abstraction
* and /
Constraining the implementation to the design:
– Accurate work estimates for project management
– Implementation realizes the design reference model
Power and Root
Resource interchangeability accross the Enterprise
– Prioritizing over entire project portfolio
– Consultants, contractors and internal resources can be mixed
– Whole new meaning in project bidding between providers
Integrals and Derivatives

… any level of effort on a lower level cannot match the results working at higher level.

For a concrete touch of the implementation level, follow on the CodePlex project http://abstraction.codeplex.com

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