Software Development (Re-)Defined

In this blog is going to be published series of posts that define document-minimalistic and design focused software development methodology. The methodology is based on enforced software architecture. This architecture serves all the main interest groups of the software development lifecycle.

The first set will focus around the following interest parties:

– Stakeholders; business and substance point of view. Managing bigger picture such as project portfolio and prioritizing the development tasks over entire enterprise or product line.

– Project management; work-estimates and prioritization within single project.

– Design and implementation; software architect and senior/junior developer roles in process. Developing under well-guiding design with minimal overhead.

… and taking formal control over the following:

– Logical/abstract (technology agnostic) software architecture blocks

– Resource managing; roles of architect(s) and senior and junior developers.

– Implementation in practice

What makes this approach valid in practice is that it is built around absolute and strict control within the implementation. The fact that practicing architects are the highest level of technical understanding of the actual implementation is recognized. Building the design and implementation tightly together the implementation is constrained. The junior developers work with set sandboxes with well-designed issues. The senior developers work with architects to define the design core implementation.

People are freed from the burden of “silent-information” that constraints them to perform the same tasks and can focus on the enterprise-wide scope for the real logical issues and implementation. Any role is movable and replaceable and any design and implementation can be cross-reviewed or cross-approved by other person of the same role.


More to follow as I can get from my hands on and after the holiday season.

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